We Draft Demands That Make You a Better Attorney


Reduce Stress • Work Less • Profit More


Are You Frustrated With Low Offers?


Do you get bad offers in great cases?

Is time wasted haggling with adjusters?


Are too many cases going into litigation?

Are your demands being ignored?


Do cases settle for less than they should?


Is it time to find a better option?


Demand Drafting That Does More Than Save You Time

  • Faster Claim Resolution

  • Bigger Settlements

  • Tells You More About Your Client

  • Packed with Medical Studies

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The Insurance Company Uses Colossus Against You


Lower Settlement Offers

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Low settlements cause unhappy clients and less profit for you. They want to put you out of business.

Increase Time Negotiating

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Lengthy negotiations increase stress and waste time. They want to wear you down over time.

Threat of Litigation

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Lawsuits are speculative and time consuming. They offer less because of the risk of litigation.


The New Colossus Formatted Demand


Colossus Formatted

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We've cracked the Colossus code and know how to maximize claim value.

Less Negotiating

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Our demands are value driver packed so negotiations are quick and simple.

More Money

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Less time and work spent on a case equals more money!

 How to Get Started Today

Step 1: Give us a call or send an email to say hi

Step 2: Upload client’s docs to our DropBox folder

Step 3: Relax and let us do the heavy lifting!

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